Soulmates Lovers Hands Entwined Sculpture – Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

October 31, 2017 - Comment
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Jim says:

Not the greatest gift Through no fault of the sculpture, this was a bust (no pun intended). I was looking for something bronze for my 19th and this went over like a fart in church. My wife gave it a “that’s nice” and the rest was history. It was too bad that on my anniversary, I actually said they put a few too many fingers on it because I was disappointed with her reaction. I guess what I’m saying is that this may not have the impact you might expect if it is a gift. Maybe because no one ever holds…

Nathan says:

Tiny Hands Gave this as a gift, it accompanied a poem. I would buy this again, note it was much smaller than I anticipated, they are the size of small children’s hands.

SSHomekid says:

Great gift My husband bought this for our Anniversary, what a thoughtful gift. I like it, it is very small, but we both like it.

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