Scentiments ANNIVERSARY Gift Candle LINEN Scented Fragrance 16oz

October 22, 2017 - Comment
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Ellen M. DuBois says:

Great gift idea. The themed labels really add a personal touch. Love! What a wonderful candle with a beautiful scentiment! (Just like the name) My sisters got the “Sisters” candle, my niece the “Family” candle and my friend the “Birthday” candle. They are quality, soy candles with beautiful scents. Not overpowering but not too weak, either. My best friend used to own a retail store and she made the best candles around. Everyone loved them. Well, even she thought this was a very well made candle and that says a lot! Great gift idea…

mommy2010 says:

ABSOLUTELY NO CINNAMON SCENT AT ALL!!! I didn’t think it was possible to mess up cinnamon. They must not have put ANY in, or just ONE drop, because there is ABSOLUTE NO CINNAMON SCENT AT ALL. I’m sorry to tell you this, I really wanted to like this, and I didn’t believe those who said there was no scent. I’m sorry I wasted my money. Don’t waste a single penny on this unless you just want a candle and no scent.

Yvonne A. says:

Do not buy! This candle was going to be a gift for my sisters birthday. First of all, I had ordered the “sisters ” candle, and instead recieved the family one! Secondly the box that it came in was very old and beaten up, so I had to replace it, if I was able to give it add a gift. Thirdly, the canister loud that comes on this candle was dented and looked very old. What a huge disappointment and waist of money!

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