Amazon eGift Card – Anniversary Blessings (Animated) [American Greetings]

October 19, 2017 - Comment
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Barbara Meier says:

loved the concept Cute idea…loved the concept. But when it came to sending it to the recipient the animation program didn’t work with the Amazon site & the recipient never got it. Had to call 3 times, resending it through Amazon Assistants each time. Finally had to have Amazon send gift cards out manually so was not received by the birthday person until 2 1/2 weeks later!

tanvi says:

Not as reliable as you might think… I have sent and received 1000s in amazon gift cards over the years. So it hurts me to write this review but I want to make sure people are aware of how little responsibility Amazon takes to make sure a gift sent through them reaches your loved ones. I sent a 100$ gift card to a friend in April. When she went to use it, she was told the claim code was not valid. She let me know and I called Amazon. I was told that the claim code was used by someone else (they could tell it was a different…

ML says:

Amazon should do more in a fraudulent case I think I am just wasting time writing this, but this must have happened to someone else. Something is definitely not right here. 

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